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Ant Control

two ants playing

Lawn Ants

Lawn ants are a very common pest in Minnesota.  They can not only be unsightly, but can also be a health issue as some species are known to bite.  Ants can disrupt family gatherings and make it uncomfortable to spend some quality recreational time out on the lawn or patio area. 

Your Lawn & Ants

The best ant control starts with a healthy, well maintained lawn, but sometimes extra help is needed.  Some ant control products target ant mounds through spot applications with a granular product that depends on rainfall or watering to activate.  This will eliminate some of the ants, but most of the ants will simply relocate.  

ant nests on the ground in the forest
ant nests on the ground in the forest

Our Method

At RU Ready, our applicators will treat your entire lawn with a liquid application to make sure you are receiving significant control!  We will also spray any mounds found in your driveway, patio area, or sidewalks.