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Grub Control Services

Lawn grub damage question as chinch larva damaging grass roots causing a brown patch disease in the turf as a composite image isolated on a white background.

Why should I worry?

Grubs can destroy a beautiful, luxury lawn in one growing season!  RU Ready Lawn Care provides the highest quality grub control in the industry to reduce this threat to your turf area! 

What are grubs?

Grubs are the larvae of various types of beetles. They eat the roots of grass and plants, doing great damage to your otherwise healthy lawn.  Some homeowners choose to do grub control on a regular basis to provide yearly protection.  Other homeowners fight grubs once they are aware of issues.  In either situation, RU Ready Lawn Care is ready to provide grub defense for your turf! 

White chafer grub against the background of the soil.
grub of the cockchafer


Grubs do the most damage to your lawn in the late summer and fall, so effective grub control is needed early in the growing season to make sure your lawn is properly prepared for grubs when they start to become active.

Keeping Grubs Away

At RU Ready Lawn Care, we specialize in grub control, keeping grubs out of your lawn by using the highest quality, most effective grub control products in the industry!  To get a quote on grub control for your lawn, fill out our request form.

Lawn damage cost and grub damaging a garden as chinch larva damaging grass roots causing an expensive brown patch