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Rock Bed Maintenance

flowers in the garden

ornamental rock bed

Our ornamental rock bed and mulch treatment plans are applied 3 times per year (Spring, early summer and late summer).  Weeds will grow back once the protective barrier had worn out so 3 treatments are essential throughout the growing season.  These treatments will not harm your perennial shrubs and plants.  This treatment is not for use where annual plants are planted.  

Rock Bed Maintenance programs take the work and worry out of maintaining your ornamental landscape areas!

Nothing can ruin the look of a well-kept and manicured lawn than unsightly weeds and grasses invading your ornamental rock and mulch areas. We can reduce weeds and help beautify your landscaped areas. Our weed/grass control applications will not harm your flowers and other plants you’ve worked hard to establish over the years. Our program will deliver 3 treatments to your ornamental areas throughout the summer months. These treatments will virtually eliminate weeds and grasses from growing in these areas throughout the summer months.

Landscape care showing a weed growing with flowers that will need to be pulled and removed