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Residential Lawn Care with professional services

Unkempt garden yard with crab grass and clover weeds

RU Ready lawn care provides season long fertilization and weed control options that are formulated to meet the seasonal needs of your lawn!  We only use lake safe fertilizers that are  designed to protect the environment.  We tackle tuff weed problems such as creeping charlie and seasonal crabgrass issues!  Check out our various options available for your lawn!

Grubs can destroy a beautiful, luxury lawn in one growing season!  RU Ready Lawn Care provides the highest quality grub control in the industry to reduce this threat to your turf area!

White chafer grub against the background of the soil.
two ants playing

Lawn ants are one of the most common lawn pests in Minnesota.  RU Ready Lawn Care provides outstanding ant control to reduce this nuisance pest from your lawn.

RU Ready Lawn Care provides both residential and commercial lawn mowing for the lakes area.  Check out what is included in a lawn mowing program.

Green grass mowing with lawn mower
Aeration of grasslands football field

Aeration is a key part of keeping your lawn healthy and green throughout the lawn care season.

When it comes to your flower beds or rock and mulch beds, you definitely don’t want unsightly weeds and grasses poking up and ruining the look of your manicured landscape. We can reduce the weeds so you don’t have to pull them anymore!

Spring flowers bloom near a dry stream bed in